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Learner Experience

Learner Experience

| Learner experience

Our learning content has been designed to give a true reflection of e-learning: interactive, innovative and exciting, with access available through all types of media devices. Developed with industry experts using learner feedback, EQUAL is like no other learning platform.

Learner Experience

Engaging and exciting

  • Interactive video content to keep learners engaged and interested
  • Games and quizzes developed to encourage learning throughout courses
  • Integrated assessment questions throughout
  • Eye-catching page design
  • Easy-to-use layouts for effective navigation and engagement
  • Bite-sized learning.
Learner Experience

Easy to use

  • Simple login system for both learners and administration
  • Make EQUAL your own with personalised accounts and learner homepages
  • Work saved automatically
  • Resume options are available to start where you left off
  • Easy screen navigations and progress bar.
Learner Experience

Virtual tutors

  • Feature throughout every course
  • Offer hints, tips and guidance
  • Motivate and encourage.
Learner Experience

Access and support

  • Available to use on every device including phones and tablets, whenever and wherever
  • Backup test and disaster recovery servers meaning work is always safe and secure
  • Learner and technical support available online and over the phone.